www.thatgorillabrand.com (the "Website") is the website that hosts the Online Store under the trade name "www.thatgorillabrand.com", which exposes, promotes and offers for sale products of men's, women's, teenage and children clothes and also fashion accessories for any gender and age through the Internet.

The thatgorillabrand.com and the Website belong to the company called "That Gorilla Brand Private Capital Company" and the distinctive title "That Gorilla Brand", based in Greece and specifically at the offices of the company in Ekali of the Municipality of Kifissia ath the address Eratous 2, Ekali. 14578, (ATM: 801057803 / DIKO KIFISIAS), with the number of GERME 148058701000, tel. .210 813 6310, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (hereinafter "thatgorillabrand.com" or the "Online Store", "thatgorillabrand", "Business", "Company", "We", "Us"), which is lawfully managed by us.

www.thatgorillabrand.com offers you:

Speed of service.


Frequent renewal of our products.

NOTE: Our Company is in in agreement with the charity organization "The Gorilla Organization" in England, which is developing important charity and gorilla protection programs. Through the sale of our products we financially support the action of this charity. For this objective to be achieved, an amount per item sold will be donated to the above Organization.